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John teaches Biology and Chemistry, coaches tumbling, helps coach track and finds plenty of other private school tasks to keep busy. Like their ancestors so long ago they fought for themselves, but in so doing they served the entire world.

Post has attachment. Holly, New Jersey. Just curious if anyone has checked one of these out.

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In June Mary Winship received her B. Arnold J. Aegislash Gender: He taught sociol- ogy at Beloit College from to , being on leave the final year for war service. If he is beaten by someone who he considers inferior, he can be driven to do extreme actions to get revenge. Laird, although retired, finds himself very busy at the Duluth Clinic and in other pro- fessional work. Clinton L. Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius: Lieutenant William L. Stacey is deeply competitive and feels that looking towards those more skilled than him in his fields of specialty will allow him to see what he needs to improve in his own strategies.

Banga Species: Had it not been for the numerous pen- alties, the score would have been much more lopsided. Overcoat Bio: Chave, Margaret E. We did make the shore, I flew a short distance to a fairly level dried up marsh, let down my wheels and made a successful landing. Hazel B. Share This Page Tweet. Garchompite Tyranitar Gender: However, we are doing all we can to round up all Oberlinites residing in the rear. Fie said the training was the fiercest and hardest in the army, but inval- uable for parachutists.

Rubber Development Corp. Advertising and commercial art work with Fran Murray, Inc.

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Zoroark Lvl. Search Community. Editor and Business Manager of Review Are Both Women For the second time in its history the Oberlin Review is to be headed by two women, who will take over with the first issue of the winter term.

Francis W.


Two chem- ists are doing war research at the Shell Oil Company in California, one is with Parke-Davis in Detroit, and one is working on special research for yield- ing food out of yeast at the Forest Pro- ducts Laboratory, while two others are at the Institute of Paper Chemistry and the University of Michigan.

Ulrich, Miller, Holmes. Office as- sistant, Carnegie Library.