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It is in great condition - bar for a small crack in the body below the Pickguard which does not affect playing sound. The tremolo bar was originally only found on Fender guitars, but now they are on many types of electric guitar. But he's also got it set up very unconventionally. It does what is supposed to.

Duchossoir Brisbane South East Wynnum. S-Trem Bearing pivot trem similar to TransTrem, but without a transposing feature. Drop one in the tremolo arm hole and screw the arm back in until snug. Lovingly cared for, barely used and almost as new — except for a few minor scuffs on the scratch plate.

It uses a ball-bearing mechanic instead of knife-edge as the joint, which gives the tremolo more consistency after use, and a stop-bar to help the guitar stay in tune, even with heavy abuse of the tremolo or string break. Very clean appearance. It's got the classic look and sound of a Strat with the single coil pickups which give you that twangy sound and a comfortable C-shaped neck which makes it very easy to play.

Position II illustrates the position of the bridge when the vibrato arm is pushed down towards the guitar body. To install a new string, you must cut the ball end off, then reverse the process of removing a string, or you must insert the string backwards with the ball end against the tuning peg.

However, to attain high pull-ups, you must solder the string windings to prevent strings from breaking at the ball end. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Give me an offer. You can replace the nut with a roller-nut, which has little rollers under the strings as they cross the nut. Morphett Vale Area Christies Beach. In other languages Add links. One of the earliest examples of a tremolo system is commonly referred to as a Hopf tremolo. Disadvantages A string breakage changes the tension on the floating bridge, causing the remaining strings to go out of tune.

In the s, shred guitar virtuosi such as Edward Van Halen , Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and metal guitarists ranging from Brian May to thrashers like Kirk Hammett used the "whammy bar" in a range of metal-influenced styles.

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However, these tend to disappear quickly as it is drowned out by the harmonics of the new string pitch. This section will provide a description of how to accomplish various techniques, but it will be up to the guitarist to discover how to perform them.

Controlled by special tuning screws purple , these two forces are balanced such that the bridge's surface is parallel to the guitar body olive. While there are variations of Hofner trems, a couple designs in particular stand out not just in terms of design, but in terms of functionality as well.

A rising popularity of heavy metal music gave birth to a guitar design called "the superstrat" — a common name given to guitars that resemble Fender Stratocaster design with several important modifications.

Hopf guitars largely shipped stock with Maestro—style vibrola arms, which are more common on the used market. I tried an after market arm, but it wasn't quite right. Floyd Rose Licensed are made by other manufacturers that have purchased a license from Floyd Rose.

Pickup Christies Beach. The bridge green balances on a pivot point, being pulled counter-clockwise by the strings' red tension and clockwise by one or several usually up to five springs light blue. Maximum Price.