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How to Wash Bras - How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Same goes for underwear. Most women are guilty of wearing the same bra for as long as a week, but once you think about the amount of sweat it accumulates, especially during warmer days, it might seem like a good idea to wash them more often.

Ever tried wearing a discoloured white bra under a white t-shirt? Let the bra soak before rinsing, and then hang up to dry. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Stop doing that. Hot water can increase the risk of the colours bleeding, leaving your sexy red bra a more dull shade of pink.

The Best Way to Clean Windows. However, there are a few types of bras that will need a little extra care and attention.

How to Wash Your Bras by Hand or Machine - Fashionista

And, remember: Do not worry if the bra does not look exactly the way it used to, since the form will return completely once you wear it again! And, to make it easier to find your favorite bra in the perfect shade each morning, color coordinate both your bras and underwear from lightest to darkest. As a general rule, you should aim to wash your normal, everyday bras after every wears. Hand washing bras tips Hand washing bras takes a bit more effort than simply putting them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

6 Ways to Machine-Wash Your Bras Without Ruining Them

For international shipping, learn more here. A guide on how to wash bras. Here's where the hard line comes in: Once the load has run, remove the bras and air dry them. Also make sure to clasp your bras before washing; if left undone, the clasps can get caught on other fabrics and tear them. Well, although it is easy, it could mean the end of one of your favourite bras.

Rinse with clean, lukewarm water and allow to air dry. Your bra will dry in this shape if you let it, when it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to bend back into the correct shape. Tags bra care , bra care , how to store lingerie , how to wash bras , how to wash lingerie , lingerie storage , underwear storage.


After reshaping after washing, hang the bra by one of its straps onto a clotheshorse or the washing line, and allow to dry naturally. Putting bras into zip-up mesh bags will protect the straps from winding around larger items and becoming stretched out. When was the last time you washed your bras? Home Unhooked Bra Care Then let is soak for about five minutes.

Back away from the detergent.

6 Ways to Machine-Wash Your Bras Without Ruining Them

Proceed to air dry as described above. You can also rinse your bras in just water every once in awhile to reduce how frequently you need to give them a thorough wash. Our experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute offer the final word on how and how often to wash a bra, along with what not to do on laundry day.

In our latest column, "Back to Basics," we're here to guide you through life's most common and important fashion and beauty concerns. Somewhere in between hand- and machine-washing lies this neat trick, which will buy you a few more wears in between washings: Top tip: So like this:. So, how do you make sure you're cleaning your bras in a manner that will maximize their lifespan?