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The slowest growth was observed for triactines mean growth rate of 1.

In triactines, distinctions between the so-called unpaired actine, pointing to the distal end of the radial tube, and the two paired actines can be made Additional file 1. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

If the surface of the spicules is spiny instead of smooth, the spicules are called, respectively, acanthoxeas, acanthostyles, and acanthostrongyles. Instead, demosponge CAs are a sister group to some ctenophore CAs, which together form the sister group to hexactinellid CAs but compare the Bayesian phylogeny, in which a weakly supported monophyletic clade of CAs from these sponge classes is recovered, Additional file 6.

Most of the shallower clades occur in both trees, but in different relationship to each other, including the sponge clades. Cite chapter How to cite? Articles with short description Articles lacking in-text citations from June All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with 'species' microformats.

Some species of sponge are monoecious, others are dioecious. The collencytes, found in the mesohyl, secrete fibres and often form a net in the cytoplasm. Sponge s are at a cellular level of organization and thus do not have organs or even well-developed tissues; nevertheless, they produce sperm and eggs and also reproduce asexually.

Thank you for your feedback. For calcein staining, living specimens were transferred to a petri dish containing 30 ml of calcein disodium solution The evolution of CAs in Metazoa was clearly driven by frequent gene diversification and gene loss events Figure 5 and Additional file 7.

Data analysis: To exclude spicules that began their formation long after the incubation had started, small completely fluorescent spicules were ignored. No ethical approval was required for any of the experimental research described here. Calcareous sponges appear in the Carboniferous Period about ,, to ,, years ago.

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Double ISH was performed to compare expression of two selected genes in the same tissue by combining digoxigenin DIG and fluorescein labeled antisense probes of target genes. Compagen [ 65 ],[ 66 ] and Metazome v3. Sequences were aligned with MAFFT version 7 [ 68 ] and sites for phylogeny were chosen manually by selecting regions of likely homology between conserved sites identified with Gblocks [ 69 ] Additional file 8.

The choanocytes of sponges resemble the choanoflagellate protozoans. The interaction of the two calcarean scl-CAs has to be considered as an evolutionary novelty that triggered the radiation of the extant calcareous sponges.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Coordination A sponge usually contracts if it is handled. Thank You for Your Contribution! In the genus Ircinia , the fibres are accompanied by thin spongin filaments that fill the mesohyl. Each of the three calcarean CA clades contains sequences from S. Proteomic analysis of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus spicule matrix.

Beginning with the Late Cretaceous Period about ,, years ago , the species of Hyalospongiae have affinities with recent ones. Carbonic anhydrase: Different secretory repertoires control the biomineralization processes of prism and nacre deposition of the pearl oyster shell.

Expression level for each gene and stage or body part was calculated as a sum of the posterior probability of each read coming from that gene over all reads [ 36 ] and adjusted with size factors of the RNASeq libraries [ 37 ].

The oscula close if the sponge is exposed to air, if oxygen is not available, if harmful chemical compounds are present, or if temperatures are extremely high or low.

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Genome Biol. However, closely associated sclerocytes in diactine-forming parts of the sponge show expression of both scl-CA1 and scl-CA2 Figure 3 f, right.

Mol Phylogenet Evol. It remains to be tested if, at this point of spicule formation, carbonate deposition has not yet started and if the presence of the extracellular scl-CA2 is required for its initialization.

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