Shinobi Rumble. This places Sakura in a bad mood, causing her to lash out first at Naruto when he suggests to Konohamaru Sarutobi that he and Sakura are dating, and then at Konohamaru when he insults her for harming Naruto.

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Later the day, she found to her shock that Sasuke had returned to the village. When they come across the Three-Tails during the course of the mission, Sakura is assigned to a team responsible for sealing it due to her excellent chakra control. Despite his death, Obito's spirit is able to briefly return to allow Kakashi to use Susanoo , which he uses to save Sakura from one of Kaguya's attacks.

The final page implies that Sasuke returned to the village to be with Sakura, as he says "I'm home, Sakura. Sakura spends three days of around-the-clock care to heal him, during which time Naruto talks in his sleep indicates to Sakura that he now shares Hinata's feelings. Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes. She later wakes up to find herself in the care of Shizune , who informs her that Sarada has left the village to look for Sasuke and also tells her about Sarada's doubts on her parentage.

Team 7 returns to Konoha, and when the grave robbers attack the village, Sakura is drawn into battle with Fuen. While Team 7 tries without success to find a mission to go on that Naruto won't complain about, word reaches Konoha that Akatsuki has kidnapped Gaara , the Kazekage. Sasuke tries to surrender in exchange for their lives, but Naruto insists on fighting Orochimaru anyway. The Phantom Fortress. After punching the ground in a fit of rage over Sarada asking if she and Sasuke are married, Sakura discovers her daughter has left the village in search of Sasuke.

In the manga, Konohamaru responds with Sexy: Six-Tails Unleashed In the anime, they are intercepted by a new assignment to help the Tsuchigumo clan protect its forbidden technique. After Sasuke's defection from Konohagakure at the end of Part I, [18] Naruto's failure to bring him back, [19] and Sakura's inability to help either of them, she becomes Tsunade 's apprentice so that she can do more for her teammates in the future.

Power In the anime, Team 7 is sent to investigate the attack on Tonika Village.

Sakura Haruno

In the anime, Sakura accompanies Naruto and Jiraiya to the Land of Rice Fields to investigate one of Orochimaru's lairs and potentially retrieve Sasuke. Orochimaru is eventually able to force Naruto away from himself and closer to Sakura and Yamato. Sakura's strength is enough to destroy buildings or upend the earth. Ultimate Ninja English instruction manual. In the movie's novelisation, Sakura quickly identifies her dreams of Sasuke as just that, forces herself awake, and wakes up the rest of the team.

Retrieved July 20, This article is about the Naruto character. During the course of the investigation, Team 7 is separated by an earthen maze. As the jutsu nears completion, Chiyo warns Sakura not to risk her life to protect someone as old as she is again, believing Sakura is too valuable. Sakura then insists rather angrily that it's true and that he should start worrying about himself rather than Sasuke. Sasori's Iron Sand World Method proves more difficult to avoid and Sakura receives several scratches, causing her to collapse from the poison.

She prepares to forfeit on his behalf, but Naruto insists on answering the tenth question no matter what, causing her to change her mind. Tsunade is exhausted by the effort, so Sakura looks after her while Naruto fights Pain.